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Animal Resources

        The park’s animal geographic division belongs to eastern hilly and plain sub-region of Central China Region in Sino-India sub-kingdom of Oriental Realm. Because of its complex habitat in the mountain climate and the permeation of parts of Palearctic species, the fauna here is featured that Oriental species are principal and the Palearctic species are minor. Based on resource investigation in 1982, there’re over 300 kinds of species such as various birds, beasts, insects and amphibians. There’re many national rare animals, such as silver pheasant, owl, pagolin, stump-tailed macaque, selenarctos thibetanus and micichthys miiuy which are Second Class national protected animals, and panthera pardus and rusa which are First Class national protected animals.

        Among vertebrates and insects of Sanqingshan, there are 21 species listed in IUCN Red List (2003) such as clouded leopard, leopard, tufted deer, macaque, macaca thibetana, manis pentadastyla, jackal, black bear, golden cat, river deer, serow, micromys minutus, porcupine, tragopan caboti, syrmaticus ellioti, grey-headed lapwing(2002), bombycilla garrulus, rhinomyias brunneatus, platyternon, tortoise and trionyx sinensis.




Leopard                              Spilornis cheela




Garrulax canorus                  Rhinomyias brunneatus


                                 Macaca thibetana                                Tortoise



                                   Grey-headed lapwing              Mergus squamatus



                                       Tragopan  caboti                   Syrmaticus  ellioti




                                    Yellow-bellied tit                     Vanellus vanellus




                                        Garrulax galbanus                         Pangolin

                                              (Class II key national protected animal)



                 The Serow of South China Subspecies        Muntiacus crinifrons

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