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Soil Characteristics

Soil parent material of the park is mainly composed of granitoid, and little amount of marine sediment rocks of Proterozoic and Paleozoic and the calcareous soil. Granite soil is porous and contains more quartzite particles and less feldspar and mica fragments; the soil, with poor mineral nutrient and corrosive property, is also named as Yellow Soil because it appears as yellow in the mountain area of 800m or 1200m above the sea level with more cloud and mist, high humidity and thick dead twigs and withered leaves; the soil in mountaintop area such as Yujing Peak, smooth ground or corrie which are of over 1600 meters high is mountain meadow soil. Due to the cold-damp, luxuriant vegetation and the accumulation of mass organic matter, especially the soil freezing in autumn and winter, with the slow decomposition of organic matter, in the surface soil layer there are a plenty of humus collects, unweathered parent layer with some winding grass roots, or soil layer of eluviation-illuciation and a bit of ferrimanganic deposits. The soil in Yujing Peak area, among which more is mountain meadow soil with organic matter and acid crystalline rock, is thin and appears in grayish yellow, containing plenty of weathered material fragments with high basic fertility, rich contents, strong acidity and looseness.

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