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Industrial and Economic Structure Profile

  Before tourism development, community residents lived on traditional agriculture and forestry. Since tourism developed in 1980s, the industry structure had transformed to hospitality industry and the traditional ecological agriculture, forestry and breeding industry are still kept. Park’s main financial resources are ticket proceeds, tax revenue, various tourism service income and sales revenue of native products. Now in Park there are 16 enterprises of service industry above scale, 650 sub-scale business outlets and 11 star-grade hotels. In 2012, with GNP of 3.13 billion Yuan, The Park received 6.113 million domestic and foreign tourists and reached 320 million Yuan financial revenue and 4.59 billion Yuan tourism comprehensive incomes.

  Within the Geopark, there are 4 townships and 35 administrative villages, with a total population of 65,000, among whom are included the Han people and the She ethnic group. The majority of people are centralized around the surrounding areas of mountain valleys, river banks and along the roads.There are no permanent residents in the central area of the Geopark.

  At present, sightseeing tourism and tourist service are the main industries of the Geopark, while traditional agroforesty and agriculture cultivation still remain in the communities. The main revenue of the Geopark is from entrance tickets, tourism service industry, local products selling, etc. The main activities of the Geopark is geotourism, tourism service, such as restraurants, hotels, etc. In addition, there is a little arable farming in the valley basin at the edges of the Geopark, forestry, fruit planting and livestock raising at the surrounding areas.

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