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Population and Administrative Division

  There are one township, one sub-district office (Sanqing Township and Fenglin Sub-district Office) and fifteen villages under administration of the geopark until 2013. Its population is 20226 among which Sanqing Township owns 6657 and Fenglin Sub-district 13569. Most are Han nationality and less are She nationality. Its population mainly distributes in valleys, river banks and areas along the park. There aren’t residents in park core area.

  There are six villages under administration of Sanqing Township such as Malingdi Village, Fangtang Village, Lingtoushan Village, Shangxikeng Village, Baxiandong Village and Shuangxikou Village; there are nine villages under administration of Fenglin Street–Yinjiang Village, Sanmu Village, Dongao Village, Yukeng Village, Chaimen Village, Fenglin Village, Zhongguang Village and Zhong Village.

  Sanqingshan Geopark joined the GGN in 2012. In order to meet the requirements of the Statutes of the International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme and the Operational Guidelines for UNESCO Global Geoparks and the result of 2016 Revalidation of Sanqingshan UNESCO Global Geopark, and ensure the sustainable development of Sanqingshan Geopark, we extended our boundaries according to the distribution of geoheritage, landform, river system and administrative boundaries. The size of Sanqingshan Geopark has expanded from 229.5 km2 to 433 km2 . 25 geosites and 3 natural and cultural sites are added. In addition, the population has increased from 21,500 who are from 2 towns and 15 villages to 6,5000 who are from 4 towns and 35 villages.

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