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Administrative Departments of Geopark

Competent  organization: Administrative Committee of Sanqingshan UNESCO Global Geopark in Jiangxi Province

Legal status: the organization approved by government based on state and local laws and regulations

Administrative Committee of Sanqingshan UNESCO Global Geopark in Jiangxi Province, for short as "Administrative Committee of Sanqingshan", is the local office of Shangrao Municipal People’s Government of Jiangxi Province and shares the same office area and the same personnel with Administrative Committee of Sanqingshan Scenic Area. It is responsible for the protection and usage of various resources and environment in the geopark, the planning, construction and management of the park and social and economical management with a highly qualified management team among whom there are 183 managers and workers and 68 professionals. Under its management there are some relative departments such as general office, administrative bureau of geopark and scenic area, planning and construction bureau, tourism bureau, land and resource bureau, forestry bureau, finance bureau, economic development bureau, social development bureau, community (town and village), information office, supervisory team, museum and monitoring station on geological relics and environment. Every department fulfills their proper duty and function, coordinating with each other and jointly managing the park, to establish the steady foundation for the park’s protection, application, management and sustainable development.

Main responsibilities

1. Implement guildlines, polices, laws and regulations of party committee and government on the development and construction of Sanqingshan Scenic Area, to set out middle-term and long-term development programs of Sanqingshan Scenic Area and Tourism Economic Development Zone to formulate the detailed regulations and carry out.

2. Carry out the unified planning and management of the scenic area’s development and construction, to protect resources within the governing area, to demonstrate, examine, approve and implement the construction projects.

3. Supervise and manage the tourism to promote the tourism economy vigorously.

4. Be responsible for the land and resource of the scenic area and unified to handle works on land expropriation and approval.

5. Develop agricultural economy to improve public life standard.

6. Perform functions of departments on industry and commerce and price control to issue business licenses and certifications to service and township enterprises under its administration

7. Take charge of industries of science & technology, culture, education and health service.

8. Take charge of tax collection and management to finish annual financial budget and final account.

9. Develop forestry industry and strengthen its management, to unify to issue cutting and transportation licenses and take charge of forest-fire prevention.

10. Take charge of civic administration works such as poverty alleviation, disaster relief and reduction, marriage registration, conscription and election.

11. Implement national laws, regulations and policies on family planning to control population growth rate and finish tasks of family planning.

12. Take charge of administration of Party members and officers and discipline inspection work.

13. Take charge of works of labor union, communist youth league and women’s federation.

14. Take charge of investment promotion and publicity to improve the popularity.

15. Take charge of foreign and tourism works.

16. Undertake other works assigned by party committee and municipal government.

ervice promise

The first is to be standardized and orderly. Works of administrative committee should be standardized based on laws and regulations. The second is to be practical and efficient. The administrative committee and its functional departments should transform work style to provide superior service for grass-roots units, tourists, general public and enterprises to speed up the new social and economic development of Sanqingshan. The third is to be honest and upright. Every functional department should be strict with ourselves to preserve our moral integrity to serve wholeheartedly with all rights entrusted by the people.



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