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Fairy Valley

Fairy Valley is located in Fenglin Service Area, with a total area planned of 287.59 hectares and a total investment of about 1.65 billion Yuan, which consists of the Fairy Valley entrance landscape engineering, Fairy Valley visitor service center, Qiaowu Shujia Hotel, Sanqingshan Mediterranean Club, Sanqingshan health culture village, Yuyaxi Village Resort Hotel. Main functional layout is divided into "one center, one belt and three zones", that is, the Baqi culture style village, Yuyaxi style water and landscape health resort, Daoyang culture experience area, valley sports recreation area. Relying on the unique advantages in resources, through the matching function, China’s first ecological health valley and Taoism habitat experience demonstration area are built, and it becomes a comprehensive tourism destination with complex functions of the landscape sightseeing, health resort, rural leisure and cultural experience, sports and recreation. 











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