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2018 Third SKYTRAIL® Sanqingshan Cross-country Race Competition

  On May 19th, the Third SKYTRAVIL will bring all of you back to Sanqingshan on a journey to enjoy the beauty of the Geopark and celebrate the local cultural heritage. The registration will be beginning from March 15th.

  Description of SKYTRAVIL

  The route of SKYTRAVIL reaches the core areas of Sanqingshan UNESCO Global Geopark including clusters of valleys and waterfalls. In addition, participants of SKYTRAVIL will compete in an unique plank road which is 1500 meters high. Athletes will navigated by electronic signs and voice navigation that runs in IOS.

  To get to know more about She Ethnic Group, the aboriginal people in Sanqingshan, we will take you to their villages and tell you their stories. Furthermore, there are animals that you don’t see elsewhere.

  Time and Place

  May 19th 2018, Sanqingshan UNESCO Global Geopark, Shangrao, Jiangxi Province

  ST42: 41.5km,2101m+/2112m-,10 hours and 300 participants

  ST30: 29.1km, 1484m+/1629m-,8 hours and 400 participants

  ST15: 15km, 220m+/200m-,4 hours and 200 participants

  ST7: 7km, 200m+/30m-,3 hours and 100 participants


  (Please download the voice navigation system that runs in Ios by scanning the QR code below to get more information on SKYTRAVIL. )

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