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Cleaner Volunteering Program for Sanqingshan

  On the morning of March 31st, a public event of environmental protection co-hosted by administrative committee of the Geopark and Hilton Hotel took place in Sanqingshan. Volunteers were assigned to promote environment protection knowledge as they passed by while cleaning garbage left by tourists along the plank road.

  Tourists are encouraged to take the garbage away.

  In the morning, garbage bags were distributed to tourists, encourage them to take away their garbage.

  Staff of Hilton Hotel were also involved.

  Volunteers were distributed in the whole scenic area with a broom in hands, wearing a red hat. They collected garbage into their garbage bag. After 2 hours of cleaning, they finished their work, making the geopark cleaner and more beautiful.

  The importance of environmental protection is self-evident. We have learnt a lot from all the volunteering work. All the things we do are important to protect our environment. Every volunteering activities is a good memory.

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