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We will take you to Sanqingshan UNESCO Global Geopark

  On April 25th, the 12th Earth Science Culture Week took place in China University of Geoscience and covered by the media.

  During the week a number of events were organized including electric bike-riding, mineral display and science lectures. The lecture about geopark given by Dr Xu Kejian was well received.

  At 9 am, volunteers started to prepare for the event. The lecture began at 11:30 am. Science education publications were distributed. Questions related to geopark were raised and answered. Global geoparks such as Sanqingshan were the center of promotion. Students were involved in the event together with their teachers and even their parents.

  Geo-heritages are treasure of our people and an important component of ecosystem. Science education will help to promote the geo-conservation and protect our planet.

  The week ended in April 28th. Diversified events took place in the campus everyday.

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